File conversion services

As technologies get faster and faster, and better at what they do, sometimes you cannot access older files that were created in a bygone software.

QuarkXpress was one of the most popular typesetting and design-based pieces of kit that was on offer at the time. However, the trend today has swerved towards it’s rival Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Adobe InDesign in particular.

Old versions of QuarkXpress do not always install on the latest operating systems, and so you would think that the only option would be to re-typeset the whole project again, or pay up for the latest version of QuarkXpress. That is not the case.

We can look at your QuarkXpress (QXD and QXP files) and let you know if they are retrievable, and get them updated and converted to Adobe InDesign so that they are future-proofed.

If any updates and amends are needed to be taken in, we can do that too.

Please get in touch via email at, and we can discuss all the different options with you.